Loading and Unloading: Jopson v Homeguard [2016]

An article printed in the MKCitizen concerned a parking contractor, Homeguard, trying to impose its rules in conflict with the existing lease. This is a common ruse by parking companies and has little basis in law.

In June 2015, Laura Jopson was unloading furniture and parked directly in front of the communal entrance to the flats on Wolverton Park Road, rather than use her designated parking space because it was too far away

The case rested both on the fact that under the terms of the lease, Laura Jopson (a resident) had a right of way to the block’s entrance which new parking regulations disregarded; and that the new parking regulations imposed by the parking company did not come to Laura’s attention.

The Judge found that under the terms of the lease, the resident and her fellow tenants (as well as people making deliveries or those dropping off children or disabled passengers) have a right of way to the block’s entrance and that the parking company’s "regulations" disregarded these rights.


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