Leasehold Parking Management Contract

Often with a Leasehold situation, you can get a claim from a parking company hired by a Managing Agent about which you have no details. The parking companies will claim to be there to keep trespassers out but more often than not end up charging residents for small errors when parking on their own land. In fact some parking companies only exist to penalise residents.

If you want to see what arrangements your Managing Agent has made with the parking company and for what purpose send a "S.20 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985" notice to the Agent asking for details of the "Long Term Service Contract" they have made with the parking company. They have 21 days to reply.

A "Long Term Service Contract" is defined in law as contracts for services that last for more than one year and cost any one leaseholder in a block more than £100 per year. At the same time, ask for the Managing Agents own contract as that falls within the definition too.

If the site is considering using a parking company, you have a right to be consulted under S.20 of the Landlord
and Tenant Act 1985 which means you should receive information before the contract is signed.

The first notice of intention must describe what the agreement is about, and the second notice of proposals should list the cost estimates and tell you where you can inspect them. So ask for the cost estimates too.



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    Is this of relevance where a tenant is concerned? I mean - is a tenant able to ask for this information from a Managing Agent? It might be useful for me in a PPC's case against me and also in a case that PPC will likely be taking up against my son, a tenant.

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