Humberside Airport

Car "parking" at Humberside is monitored by Vehicle Control Services (VCS) whose mobile ANPR vans simply photograph everyone and anyone - possibly in breach of the Data Protection Act


The Airport itself says: 

"Please do not stop or park on any of the airports roads which are marked with yellow lines or within the bus stop area. You may be liable for a fine.

Please utilise the free 15 minute drop off and collection area which is situated in car park 1, which also has specially designed walkways for passengers with reduced mobility.

Blue Badge holders may also park in this area and contact information desk for assistance with wheel chairs, etc.

Car parking restrictions Humberside Airport.jpg

What we suggest you do

1. If you wish to appeal, then contact the Airport direct as they are the ones that can instruct VCS to cancel. You may have to ask more than once.

2. If the Airport won't cancel, then there is no point in appealing further as only the airport can and will cancel. There is no money for VCS in cancelling so they won't.

3. Ask the DVLA how VCS got your details and if you think access to your personal details has been abused then complain to the Information Commissioner's Office. See Raising a concern.

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