BW Legal Services

Yet another Debt Collector / Solicitor combination. Like the others they are ambulance chasing in that they either offer their services free to Parking companies or have paid the Parking companies to be allowed to harass people. 


Pic: BW Legal Chief Operating Officer, Rachael Withers and financial advisor.


BW acting as a Solicitor

BW is a registered ABS (Alternative Business Structure) which allows hybrid debt collection/legal services providers. The "solicitor" part has to be registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and is held accountable for misleading practices. The "debt collection" part can lie their backsides off though. Check with part of their anatomy BW is using when writing to you.

SRA link to BW Legal 

BW Legal Services is run by Sean Barton who is a solicitor and Rachel Withers, who claims to be one of the first non-solicitors owning a law firm. The ownership is 55% Sean and 45% Rachel via WAB Investments which is 100% owned by her but is shown as "dormant".

Complaining about BW Legal

Early indications show the company has little in the way of quality control on the information it acts on. This may be an abuse of both your personal information and BW professional standards. Since BW are aware of this, they have provided a help page with information of how to complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service and to the Legal Ombudsman. So why not do both and don't forget the Solicitors Regulation Authority too.


Company number: 07966978


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