Initial Claim Form (N1 CPC)

The very first bit of paperwork you should receive from the Court (usually MoneyClaimOnline) is the Claim form itself (N1 Form). There are two types: 

    • With Particulars and 
    • Particulars to follow.

With Particulars

This is the more common form and has very brief details which rarely allows you to mount a defence unless you had all the previous paperwork. ParkingEye almost always use this type as do Gladstones Solicitors on behalf of the smaller parking operators. This type, you must Acknowledge within 14 days.


Example Particulars

These all tend to be the same i.e. they claim to have a contract, they've put up signs, the driver failed to follow the rules so they are owed £100 plus costs.  

Particulars to follow

With this type, you do not need to Acknowledge within 14 days, as you should wait to for the Particulars and then Acknowledge.


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