4: First Defence [Difficult]

This is one of the more difficult stages unless you are clear on what to do. Don't rush it and get help if you are unsure. You get 28 days from the date on the claim form, so you should have plenty of time. So take the opportunity to do it properly.

After acknowledging, and sending a Part 18 request you MUST turn your attention to filing an initial defence within 28 days of the Date of Service on the Claim Form. Whatever you use at this stage needs to cover all the issues - but need not be detailed. A more detailed/formal defence can be prepared and sent 14 days before any hearing date.

Contact us if you need any help for this stage..... 

What happens with the defence?

This is the first decision point for the parking contractor. If they want to proceed they need to contact the Court and send a Directions Questionnaire with a copy to you. This is to show intent to continue with the claim.

If they do not contact the court then the claim is stayed (held in abeyance) and to release it, the parking company would need to pay another fee. In practice, they rarely do as the purpose of opening the claim was to frighten people into paying. 

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