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Tesco have Customer Service Centres in Dundee and Cardiff but it seems the Dundee one will deal with any parking queries. So if you get a parking ticket then call 01382 227820 and ask them to get it cancelled which they can do for their own sites. 

Where Tesco are on sites that are owned by others, there is still a "secret" number for them to call to get these cancelled. But before you do call, here are some of the issues that Tesco consider prior to cancelling.


Tesco's own comments on their car parks

"Car parks are there for customers; their focus is often different to other organisations. Tesco are seen as more lenient that other operators, taking no action on the first offence, only on the second or third offence via an operator."

Tesco have trialled immediate action [i.e. ticketing] following a contravention but found this put off customers.

Lenient action includes contraventions on specialist bays, as Tesco look at whether other specialist bays were free at the time for disabled users to use.

The operator they contract must follow Tesco rules for customer service as it is important to Tesco that the customers return. Tesco’s main business is selling items in their stores not parking.

Tesco car parks come under 3 types of misuse:

- Long-term misuse (often motorists parking all-day to go to work)

- Short-term misuse (often motorists parking for short periods to go into town rather than shop at Tesco)

- Misuse of specialist bays

Source: British Parking Association (Nov 2015)

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