Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited

Directors are Stephen Pinner and Gary Robinson. Owned by Gary Robinson

Ben has a number of companies some of which have been dissolved which is a feat for someone only 25. The most interesting is High Court Service Ltd. Simon Williamson has connections with a company called Court Enforcement Services Ltd. All these companies wish to appear they have powers they do not have and most likely will fall foul of Consumer protection legislation. Members of the British Parking Association.

This company would like you to think they are acting as bailiffs but in almost all cases they are acting as simple but aggressive Debt Collectors. Send a rebuttal to any letter telling them there is no debt; they have to refer it back to their client; and any subsequent letters will be referred to Trading Standards. And refer any subsequent letters to Trading Standards pointing out there is no debt and they have been told this.

Notice of Debt Assignment

 Debt Collection Bailiffs first letter

 It may have a threat of a "visit" which should be referred again to Trading Standards as an aggressive and misleading business practice. See more here.

Debt Collection Bailiffs visit

Legal Recovery Action

This is a straightforward collection letter which has no legal basis. Note the phrases "We have now recommended" - it's all the can do. " the discretion of the court" - we are powerless and "If successful" - in other words they can't do anything. This letter is very close to an aggressive and misleading business practice. If you get one, we suggest you raise a complaint with your local Trading Standards office.


Company number: 07408649

Address: Direct House, Winnington Avenue, Northwich CW8 4EE

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