Parking Collection Services

Trading name of Debt Recovery Plus. See their page.

Be very careful in dealing with this company as anything you give to them will be used later on in any debt or court proceedings.

...It will be recommended...

There is a high level of nonsense used in 'debt collection' letters especially recommend. All the can do is recommend as they are strangers to any contract that was supposedly formed with the driver who might have parked in contravention. Since the majority of these companies are only paid if they can harass you into paying expect the distances between them and the truth to be large.

The reference to the Elliott v Loake case is there to avoid the allegation of aggressive and misleading business practices. So if you get one of these letters, complain to your local Trading Standards about them.



Company number: 06978341

Address: 6 Jennings Court, Derby Range, Stockport SK4 4AB

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