MIL Collections Ltd


DJ Mitchell, sums up MIL cases as follows "That's the trouble with MIL, you buy up all these supposed debts and rush them to court and can't be bothered to provide even remotely sufficient evidence of why [the defendant] owes you hundreds of pounds."

MIL Collections v Cook (C8QZ57G1) 22/09/2016

See also Champerty and Maintenance


Contingency B2B and B2C debt collectors and non regulated debt purchasers. Member of the Credit Services Association Limited

Have become active recently in buying up "uncollectable" parking tickets and then issuing spurious claims via MoneyClaimOnline. Contact us if you get one. 

More on this company on the main BMPA website.


Company number: 04757416

Address: Palace Building, Quay Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2HE

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