Wright Hassall

A large and respectable firm of solicitors who have done severe damage to their reputation by working for some of the worst companies in the parking industry.

Example Letter

In this letter they claim to be collecting a debt for ZZPS. However there is no debt and f there was it does not belong to ZZPS as there had been no assignment from the original landowners or even the intermediate parking company involved. Professional standards would demand they check the bona fides of the companies they work with. Sadly they have failed to make the most basic checks.

Wright Hassall Second Letter

The "infamous" ZZPS letter

This is an example of where a company, ZZPS, use the letterheads of a solicitor and there is no check by the solicitor on the truthfulness or accuracy of what is said. If you get one of these complain to the Solicitors Regulation Authority about the number of factual inaccuracies - including there is no debt and consequently ZZPS cannot claim it or instruct solicitors..

Wright Hassall ZZPS letter

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