University of York

The University is one of the few that actually manage their own parking arrangements but for some reason have joined an Approved Trade Association (ATA) - BPA initially and now IPC. 

Stage 1 - Notice to Driver

Stage 2 - Notice to Keeper

University of York Keeper Liability Notice

Stage 2a - Reminder to Keeper

Some companies send out a reminder 7 days after the Notice to Keeper letter. This confuses people as they think they have lost the chance to appeal. You haven't. You can still appeal within the 21 days though there is no legal reason why you cannot appeal at any time to "mitigate" loss.

Stage 3 - Appeal Rejection

Everyone gets one of these but this is your chance to appeal to the Ombudsman to get it cancelled.

Stage 4 - Debt Collector letters

See the Debt Collection section for more information on this stage. 

Address: Ocean House 12th Floor, The Ring, Bracknell RG12 1AX

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