2: Online Acknowledgement [Easy]

What do you need from the form?

There are two key bits of information on it. At the top left there is the claim number and in the panel on centre right there is a code. If you have already created an account on MoneyClaimOnline, you can use these two bits of information to file your Acknowledgement of Service (AoS).

ParkingEye Claim Form

How to complete the Online Form?

The steps are simple:

1. Log in to the claim, using the claim number at the top of the first page of the form, and the claim password supplied at the bottom.

2. Select the option 'Acknowledgement of Service' and fill in personal details

3. Tick the box which says 'I intend to defend all of this claim'. Do NOT put anything in the 'Defence' text box.

4. Submit the form, and the website will display a confirmation that it has been submitted.

5. Take a screen shot if you can (Shift+prt sc buttons) but you should get an email acknowledgement. If in doubt call them to check it has been received.

This simple process avoids a default judgement and is a necessary and important part of defending yourself.

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