Replying to a Debt Collector

A Debt Collection company works on a commission of around 15% of any amount they can frighten out of someone. Since they are also unregulated they make statements that are not only false but can border on harassment.
Harassment is covered by the key legal case: Ferguson v British Gas Trading Ltd [2009] EWCA Civ 46
Some will do this but some will try one more letter for their 15% but continue to refer it back to their client and keep a copies of these letters and proof of posting if you have sent it by letter
Typical reply
Dear Debt Collector
I refer to your letter of xx/xx/xx and I wish you to note on your files that I deny any debt to you or your client [Name of Parking Company]
Since you have no part in this issue, being merely being paid on commission, there is no reason to engage with you save for instructing you to refer it back to your client. I will communicate with them directly should they wish to provide
*a copy of the full unredacted contract they claim to have,
*the basis for their claim - contractual sum, loss, or trespass,
*and evidence that signage was in place in the location stated at the time
Since you are unable to supply such information, it is pointless engaging in any more communication with you. I cannot guarantee replying to you, but I can guarantee I will pass on any further harassment to Trading Standards
Yours etc
[Your name]
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