Company run and owned by Gary Deegan from behind a pub in Leeds.

More on this company on the main BMPA website.

Stage 1 - Notice to Driver

This is known as a Notice to Driver but most people would call it a paper ticket. Standard advice is to wait a month or so until they write to the Keeper. If you can't wait e.g. Hire, Lease or someone else's car then send the challenge letter

UKCPS Parking Ticket

Stage 2 - Notice to Keeper

This version is claiming that they can hold the keeper liable. Best check the timings on the ticket and the detail as it is rarely true!

UKCPS Notice to Keeper

Stage 3 - Appeal Rejection

Don't be surprised if you get a rejection. They always do. Find out who hired them and get their client to cancel. Best way to sort these. 

UKCPS Appeal rejection

Stage 4 - Debt Collector letters

See the Debt Collection section for more information on this stage. 

If the letter looks like the one below then this is a Letter before County Claim. Contact us for help with these. 

UKCPS Letter before claim


Company number: 05090613

Address: 1200 Century Way Thorpe Park, Business Park Colton, Leeds LS15 8ZA [Maildrop]

Alternate: 42 Ring Road, Middleton, Leeds LS10 4AX

Useful Downloads

UKCPS v Gaskell Judgement where signage was shown to be unclear

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