ANPR Ltd is run by Trevor Whitehouse and is one of the few companies to have been shown the door by the British Parking Association. It's tough to get thrown out of the BPA as their standards are so low, but it appears that there were "multiple Code of Practice breaches including failing to follow agreed procedures in handling motorist appeals and failing to live up to BPA customer service requirements."

Known for their habit of sending out unsealed (false) court claims. Real Court Claims have a court stamp on them.

As such this company can no longer receive Registered Keeper details [banned as at 01/04/2015 - nice choice of date] and will rely on drivers contacting them to provide that information. So our advice is - do not contact this company! 

Unsealed Court Claim

ANPR Court Claim

 Other examples

 Address: ANPR Ltd, 13 Ormskirk Road, Preston PR1 2QP

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