Excel Parking Services Ltd

Excel Parking Services Ltd is the parent of Vehicle Control Services and Conkai Security. All three are IPC members having left the British Parking Association over the last 12 months. They are mainly known for their contract with the Peel Centre in Manchester which reportedly they pay £30,000 a year for the option to issue parking tickets.

More on this company on the main BMPA website.

Stage 1 - Notice to Driver Paper Version

Excel parking ticket on car

Stage 1 - Notice to Driver ANPR Version

Stage 2 - Notice to Keeper

Stage 2a - Reminder to Keeper

Some of the larger companies send out a reminder 7 days after the Notice to Keeper letter. This confuses people as they think they have lost the chance to appeal. You haven't. You can still appeal within the 28 days though there is no legal reason why you cannot appeal at any time to "mitigate" loss.

Stage 3 - Appeal Rejection


Stage 4 - Debt Collector letters

See the Debt Collection section for more information on this stage. 

Useful Information

Excel v Cutts case where signs were difficult to read or see.


Company number: 02878122 

Address: 2 Europa Court, Sheffield Business Park, Sheffield S9 1XE


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