Debt Recovery Plus Ltd also t/as Parking Collection Services & Zenith Collections

The most frequently named "debt" collector - also trades as Zenith Collections. Sends out letters with increasing amounts then tries for a payment by "discounting" later. Since "debt" collectors can do nothing, essentially just time wasters. There are a variety of different letters all with the same aim - to get you to part with money irrespective of whether it is owed (unlikely) or not (more likely).

Ignore them and communicate directly with the parking company which issued the ticket or even better - with whoever hired the parking company in the first place.

More on this company on the main BMPA website.

Example Letter: "Failed" Appeal

Since almost all appeals to parking companies fail, especially where Debt Recovery Plus are handling the appeal through their PCS operation, this is a common letter.

Debt Recovery Plus Letter

Example Letter: Late Appeal

Despite what is says here, the Courts encourage (and soon to demand) that appeals are heard for up to 365 days. The idea that a 28 day limit can be imposed is frowned upon and you should reject any attempt to limit your chances to appeal.

Example Letter: "Discount"

Clearly the company wants to make every effort to get paid - as they get nothing if you do not pay them. So as a final push you get a "unbelievable" and "generous" discount of an amount you never owed in the first place. This letter is usually seen where the parking operator has no contractual rights to do anything other than beg. On many sites, parking companies do not have property rights to even ask for payment, but that does not stop them.


Gladstones Solicitors or DR+?

This is an example of DR Plus pretending to be someone else - as they do pretending to be Zenith Collections. You can spot these by seeing where they want the money paid. In this case to DR Plus.

Debt Recovery Plus pretending to be Solicitors

Another Example: New

This letter has been around since 2011 and falsely represents what happens in the process. These letters were part of the reason the OFT removed Roxburghe's license. More here.

DRP rehash of Roxburghe Graham White Letter

Another Example: Original

Roxburghe Graham White Letter

Another Example: False court threat

The only people that can instigate court is the parking company themselves. All Debt collectors can do is recommend!

Debt Recovery Plus false court threat



Company number: 06774150

Address: 78 York Street, London W1H 1DP

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