Ultimate Customer Solutions (UCS)

Ultimate Customer Solutions is a trading style of SolutionLabs a company owned and run by Duane Hodges-Stubbs and Malcolm Blake. Though mainly a software company they do a lot of back office work for IPC members. A spin off from Roxburghe - a company not fit to hold a licence.

Example "Debt Letter" letter.


Example "Discount Letter" letter.

You may get an interesting "discount" offer which actually asks for more than they are entitled to (if there was a debt in the first place). Not much of a "discount" then.....but all these letters are based on the falsehood that UCS and any debt collector have any influence. They do not. They only get paid if the can con you into paying them.

Example Solicitors letter.

A misleading letter that appears to use a solicitor's headed notepaper. A common practice in the unregulated debt collection industry. Despite referring to pre-action protocol, does not itself follow it. Also UCS cannot instruct solicitors but fail to mention this.....

 Gladstone's Letter before Claim

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