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England and Wales Only

ParkingEye's paper chain is 3 to 4 letters. Their system is automated so if you do not reply then it goes to the next letter and finally a court claim - all without human intervention. They even charge a £50 solicitor's fee even though no solicitor was involved in drafting the claim.

Not to be ignored - unless you are in Scotland and Northern Ireland where Keeper Liability does NOT apply.

More on this company on the main BMPA website.

Notice to Keeper (NTK)

The NTK is your chance to appeal or name the driver. You MUST be sent and you MUST have received the NTK within 14 days.  An example appeal is shown here. You can use this but adjust it for your details. 

Parking Eye Parking Charge Notice


First Reminder Letter

This letter is sent early during the 28 days that are allowed for the driver or keeper to appeal. You should always appeal a ParkingEye ticket AND complain to whoever hired them at the same time. They can cancel ParkingEye tickets directly via a "secret phone number". 

ParkingEye First Reminder Letter


Second Reminder Letter

This is sent after day after the (self-imposed) 28 day limit has been reached and no driver has been named or payment received. You can still appeal if you need to despite the limit and it is still worthwhile to do so AND to get whoever hired them to cancel. They have a common law duty to mitigate their costs and refusing appeals is contrary to that duty. It will count against them later if they refuse

ParkingEye Second Reminder Letter

Letter before County Claim

When it gets to this point, then ParkingEye claim whoever hired them can't cancel. This is not true. The principal (whoever hired them) can cancel up to the doors of a court. Get the principal to cancel as the hassle factor has increased by a factor of 10.

If you have ignored until now, you should now write to them and ask for further and better particulars of the claim using a Part 18 request. This is why.

You will also need to consider getting your facts together or using someone to help you. We'd suggest our member, Private Parking Appeals Ltd.

ParkingEye Letter before Claim

Court Court Claim

 If you get one of these, then you must acknowledge the claim within 14 days to stop getting a default CCJ. Almost 2/3rd fail to do this and it becomes an easy ride for ParkingEye after this. In our opinion, their system is set up to achieve this as cynically they do not want to get the claim to court as it is costly for them and they do lose a number of cases. to the 

If you have acknowledged, then within 28 days of the date on the claim you need to send a defence and any witness statements. You may need to consider getting someone to help you. We'd suggest our member, Private Parking Appeals Ltd.


Company number: 05134454

Address: 40 Eaton Avenue, Buckshaw Village, Chorley PR7 7NA


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