Example First Stage Appeal

This is an example letter you can send to a British Parking Association member or an Independent Parking Committee member to get them either to cancel or allow a second stage appeal to an ombudsman.

Example Challenge Letter

Your name
Your Address


Dear Sirs

A Formal Appeal Against A Parking Charge Ref xxxxxxxx

Whilst the DVLA may have informed you that I was the registered keeper of the motor vehicle in question, at this stage I make no admission as to the identity of the either the keeper or the driver at the material time.

This appeal is on the following grounds:-

  • Your Notice does not comply with the statutory requirements of Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 and you are therefore legally barred from pursuing the keeper.
  • The parking charge amount is excessive. It does not represent a genuine pre-estimate of loss caused by the alleged parking contravention; nor have you demonstrated the commercial justification for such an amount at that site.
  • There is no evidence or certainty as to your contractual authority from the landowner to issue and enforce parking charge notices. There is no evidence of your possessory rights with regards to the same.

You have set out your case in your parking charge notice; this is the response and the formal appeal.

You therefore have two options;

1. Either accept the grounds of appeal and cancel the parking charge or

2. Refuse the appeal and provide me with a means of appealing to an independent ombudsman for independent adjudication.

Finally, I have nothing further to add to this appeal and therefore will not respond to any further correspondence with your company; so either cancel the parking charge or provide a second stage appeal as required by your industry Code of Practice.
Yours etc

(Print the name of the Registered Keeper here - do NOT sign it)

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