First Stage appeal to a BPA Member

The first appeal which should be called a "challenge" is required if you wish to make a further appeal to an independent assessor* at POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals). This organisation is funded by British Parking Association members at NO cost to the driver or keeper - so challenges and the subsequent appeals are free to you.

 *Legally trained staff have been replaced by "customer service" staff last year so it is questionable whether POPLA is now fit for purpose. Suggest if you have been given a questionable decision by POPLA, that you write to your MP about it.

A list of current BPA Members can be found here.

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    I believe that the European Court has ruled that the threat of escalation of parking fines for free private parking overstay if not paid within a certain time has been ruled illegal. Is this the case?

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    BMPA Support Desk

    This is from the RAC's report ( which says:

    'The report also said European legislation, which requires contracts to be fair, meant so-called "early payment discounts" of penalty charges could also be unlawful because they constitute a "price escalation clause'

    Note the use of the word 'could' but there is no harm in adding this to any appeal / defence.

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